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Property Forecasting


Enabling commercial property teams to automate business plans and cash flows across the lifecycle of their assets.

Bring your property and strategy to life

Visualise your asset, allowing you to easily spot voids and key events
Use your current lease details to build the foundations of your Property Map
Click, drag and hover to change your assumptions about the future
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Step-by-step scenario builder

Simple, straight-forward and no surprises. Creating scenarios is as easy as filling out an online form
As flexible as your Excel model but accessible to everyone in your business, regardless of financial expertise
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Instant results. Cash flow reports and analytics produced at a click of a button
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“Pantera has helped to migrate financial models for potential acquisitions to an online and collaborative environment. Enhancing the speed and accuracy of creating multiple models. We now have an automated, professional one-pager deal memo for Investment Committee review.”
Asset Management Director
Our clients work across all facets of real estate, leveraging Pantera to augment their strategy planning through modern technology


Used by strategic thinkers across commercial real estate

Investment Funds

Agents and Valuers 

Family Offices

Plan with conviction. Share with confidence

Integrate to your current data sources. View your portfolio  and plan for the future from one place
Share your asset models and plans securely with clients, joint venture partners and lenders.
Add your deal memo, photos and map of the property to your completed models

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