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Simplified Real Estate Modelling, built by a team that has been there

Often property tech feels like it’s been built by a team that lacks real-world experience. 

We empathise with the complexities of forecasting commercial real estate outcomes, particularly in the face of tight timelines and limited resources. Our mission is to empower asset and investment managers, fostering a proactive approach that optimises efficiency and success.

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Our Values


We embrace speed by continuously optimising our software to ensure rapid financial modelling and deal analysis, enabling our clients to seize investment opportunities swiftly.

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Design Excellence

Both in our own product and also how we aim to empower our clients to showcase their professionalism and expertise when presenting investment strategies.

Graduation Cap

We prioritise open development, sharing our roadmap, and ensuring clients understand our software. We empower clients to share models and access transparent calculations from Pantera.

Pantera team

Pantera was established in 2021 after working closely with investment funds, agents, REITs and property companies solving some of their most pressing technology issues.

Our own experience in deal analysis and investment modelling revealed the inefficiencies and challenges that many property firms face.

Our founding team embarked on a mission to modernise a vital aspect of the investment process.

We’re proud to assist numerous property companies in the UK and abroad  in enhancing their asset management and investment decision-making processes.

Future-proof your property business

Future-proof your property business

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