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About Us

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Our Mission

We’ve seen how tough it can be to predict the outcome of commercial real estate investments. Particularly when time is short and property professionals are already competing for scarce resources. That’s why our goal is to to empower asset and investment managers to be proactive, in the most efficient way.


We want to help teams to have confidence in the forecasts that they create, without being reliant on static models created by someone, at some point, in the past.


By building intuitive, modern and sophisticated tools, we believe that asset managers can more effectively showcase how successful they have been in implementing a business plan for their properties.


Industry experience will forever be one of the most valuable assets. Pantera has been created so that experience can be paired with insights, so that the most optimal decision can be informed by data.

Striving to make real estate investment decisions simpler and faster 

Our Story

After working closely with funds, propcos and property agents for a collective 10+ years, Pantera was founded in 2021.


Our experience led us to uncovering how inefficient and burdensome forecasting and scenario planning is throughout the property sector. 

With strong ties to property investment ourselves, the founding team set out to modernise a crucial element of the property investment process.

We are proud to help a number of property companies across the globe to positively transform their asset management and investment decision making process. 


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